If you have recently purchased a home or condo, you are probably eager to start decorating and to make the place uniquely yours. There are a lot of different things to consider when you are decorating a home, you want to make sure that you plan carefully so that you do not waste your time or money when decorating as it can be both very costly and time consuming to redecorate an entire home.

One of the first things you should do when decorating a new home is to take stock of what you have. Do you already own a beautiful living room set that you want to use in your new home? Perhaps you have a piece of artwork that you want to feature in your new living room. You should carefully consider all of your furniture and decorations and be sure to take note of what you will feature, what you will include and what you need to replace.

Once you have taken note of what you have, you need to figure out what you need next. If you have all of your major art and furnishings you can skip to the next step. Otherwise you should go shopping, being sure to purchase things that will work well with the art and furnishings you already own and will be featuring in your new home. It can be hard to find complementary pieces, remember that it is possible to slip cover or reupholster existing pieces.

Once all of your furnishings have been purchased you should decide what your color scheme is. Choose a piece of furniture or artwork that you love and pick colors from it. Choose a pleasing color to paint the walls and accent colors for trim and vanity cabinets. At this point you can decide whether you want to tackle the painting job on your own, or hire someone else to do it. Once the walls and trim are painted you can move the furniture in and arrange the room to your liking. Of course, if you have a building that needs a fresh coat of paint, you are best calling a local business professional.

Once the painting is done and the furniture is arranged you can add artwork, knick knacks and other final touches. If you have difficulty bringing everything together, and you are able to afford it, you might consider hiring an interior designer to help you with your decorating. This can be a truly worthwhile investment as well.

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