If your boring office job has made you a bit crazy, you might want to consider a change of lifestyle or career. People who are excited by their jobs are happier and healthier than those who play it safe. The most exciting jobs are often the ones that carry the most risk, so you should always be aware of the possible consequences before you change careers. Here are some popular high risk careers.


As a firefighter, a lot of your callouts will be for small fires caused by barbeques or candles, or similar incidents, but there's always the possibility you could be called out to a large fire where there's a risk of burns, suffocation, and structural collapse. Volunteer fire departments will train recruits, but paid positions require college training.

Police Officer

As a police officer, you get the satisfaction of protecting people but also risk being threatened, attacked, injured, or even killed by the criminals you're trying to apprehend. To become a police officer, you must first apply to and graduate from police academy.

Commercial Fisherman

As a commercial fisherman, you catch the fish and shellfish that end up in restaurants and grocery store shelves. Deep sea fishing is dangerous work, though, with the risk of amputations, cuts, goring, frostbite, burns and of course drowning. To become one, get hired onto a boat or buy one yourself.


As a logger, you supply the trees that become paper, cardboard, and lumber, but since you have to climb tall trees and work with large, sharp saws, there's a significant risk of falls, amputations, and death. To become a logger, apply with a logging company after gaining some experience with tree trimming.

Ice Road Trucker

Normal trucking and haulage requires driving skill and training with a reputable trucking school, but ice road trucking requires moxy and experience and lots of it. Ice road truckers drive over frozen lakes and oceans, always risking drowning and freezing in the event of an accident.

Oil Driller

The oil and gas industry has a lot of openings in Alberta and Texas, but though the pay is good, the risks are high. High pressure machinery is prone to leaks and explosions which can cause scalding and death. On an oil rig at sea, there are the additional risks of collapse and helicopter crash. To become an oil driller, get your safety certifications and apply.


Some jobs are more obviously risky than others, and solider is the most obvious of all. Whether you're a grunt whose job is to shoot and be shot at or a pilot hauling medical supplies, there's always the risk of death and serious injury. All you have to do to become one is enlist and go to boot camp.

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